November 2021

Dear Friends,

As Chair of this year’s Christ Church Day School’s Annual Fund, I would like to stress the importance of making a donation to our beloved preschool. Our ongoing financial support is critical to CCDS. Is there any cause closer to a parent’s heart than supporting the school and environment which provides the first essential steps to learning…a place that welcomes and nurtures, as well as challenges, our children?

We are a fortunate group of families to be at CCDS. We expect and enjoy excellence in early childhood education for our children. Hence, there is a great expectation for each one of us as well. That is where the Annual Fund comes in – bridging the gap between tuition which provides 75% of operating revenue and the Annual Fund which closes that 25% gap.

Three years ago, when my wife and I joined the school as new parents, we just knew that CCDS would be perfect for our children. It certainly has lived up to our expectations. This past June, when Rita and I attended our older son Martin’s graduation from CCDS, it was an emotional event for the students as well as for their parents. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the children rushed to their cherished outdoor playroof for one last time while the parents observed the children’s scientific projects and wonderful artwork in the Group 4 and 5 classrooms. As we emerged from the miracle of an in-person school year, despite Covid-19, we reflected on what an incredible journey of growth and development it has been for both of our boys and their friends.

Over the past few years, CCDS’s Annual Fund has achieved almost 100% participation which reflects the strength of our community’s support. We anticipate including every family in the donor list that is included each year in the Auction Journal. Please join me in supporting the CCDS Annual Fund.

If your company participates in a Matching Gift Program, please complete a form that you obtain from your employer. It is usually a quick 5-minute online process. The few extra minutes that this takes will benefit CCDS enormously. Please also remember the tremendous tax advantages of donating appreciated securities.

I would be happy to answer any questions regarding the Annual Fund or your donation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or 718.316.5938. Thank you for your support.


Timur Otunchiev
Chair, Christ Church Day School Annual Fund