Annual Fund

Dear Friends,

Although asking my “school friends” for money would ordinarily not be my favorite assignment, I readily agreed to be CCDS Annual Fund Chair. Nothing could be easier than asking your help in supporting the school that cares for, yet challenges, our children every day.

“First impressions matter!” How many times have we heard this phrase when we start a new job, join a new team, or start a new chapter in our lives? Yet, I cannot think of a new chapter in life that matters more than the first chapter of school education. Christ Church Day School is the place where your child has started this important chapter and has taken these first, essential steps toward developing a love for learning. There is no more gracious, welcoming, and nurturing place than the school Susan Stropnicky and her CCDS team of incredible teachers have built.

And what about CCDS parents? Community is a big word and means different things to different people. I was always amazed that my parents made their closest friends in their adult life through my school. I realized why during our daughter's first year at CCDS: my wife was traveling for work, the caregiver for our 1-year son was sick and there was an emergency that same day at work. The first person I turned to was a CCDS parent who immediately offered her help. Similarly, whenever we have any medical emergency in the family, the first person we turn to is a CCDS parent, even though he isn’t a pediatrician, isn’t our GP and doesn’t have the same phone number as the CityMD hotline.

Our goal for this year’s Annual Fund is to raise $300,000. We know this is an ambitious goal, but like every other private school, tuition only covers about 80% of the school’s operating expenses. Fundraising is a critical part of the school’s financial picture and enables CCDS to hire and retain the very best teachers.

Please help us achieve 100% participation as we have in prior years. We anticipate including every family in the donor list in this year’s Auction Journal. You can donate to CCDS by check or by going to

Please also remember the tremendous tax advantages of donating appreciated securities (for a securities donation form please contact Luanne Vrattos at Lastly, if your company participates in a Matching Gift Program, please ask your employer to match your generous gift.

Matching contributions help CCDS enormously. Should you have additional questions, please contact me at

Thank you,

Matthias Ederer
Chair, Christ Church Day School Annual Fund