November 2020

Dear Parents and Friends,

When I dropped Spencer off at CCDS the other day, he was bouncing up and down on the sidewalk. He was so excited to see his classmates in person after not being with them for so many months. Hooray!

In a normal year, I would have had the chance to meet many of you by now — at class welcome parties, parent coffees, or the picnic. Nevertheless, I know we are bonded by the shared experience of parenting during Covid-19. After six months of social distancing and varying degrees of isolation from friends and family, agonizing about the stresses of the times, how good did it finally feel to watch our little treasures walk into the welcoming arms of CCDS? And how great has it been every day since, knowing that our kids are in an exceptional learning environment, supported and nurtured by amazing teachers, with painstaking precautions taken for safety.

Much has changed in New York City since 1982, when I myself enrolled as a student at CCDS. Returning to CCDS as a parent has been a very special experience. As the School has evolved, it has retained the pillars of its identity — a small school, extraordinary faculty and staff, and a warm, inclusive culture. And now, amid the tumult of Covid, CCDS serves as a haven for our children and, perhaps, a herald of the eventual return to normalcy to which we all look forward.

This year — more than ever — how lucky are we to send our kids to Christ Church Day School? And what else can we do as parents to support the School? At CCDS, as at other independent schools, tuition does not fully cover the school’s expenses. To protect our kids during Covid, CCDS has incurred numerous additional expenses — including HVAC and plumbing enhancements, protective gear, and extra sanitizing. This year, tuition is only expected to cover 75% of expenses. This is a wider gap than usual and must be covered through fundraising — namely, the Annual Fund and the Auction.

Please join us in supporting the CCDS Annual Fund to help the school cover its expenses and continue to attract and retain its extraordinary faculty. To make your donation by credit card, please click the Donate Now button below. Checks may be mailed directly to the school. Donations of securities are gratefully accepted, as are employer-matched gifts. For a donation of securities, please contact the school office at 212.838.3039.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Andrew Gustin
Annual Fund Chair