Annual Fund

Dear CCDS Friends,

Is there any better time in New York City than the start of fall? It’s that moment when summer’s humidity finally succumbs to the crisp edge of autumn and the leaves in Central Park give just a hint at the riotous colors to come. And best of all, our children skip joyously up the CCDS ramp, past Susan’s cheery wave and Danny’s friendly nod, and into a teleporter that whisks them up, up, up into a magical world of stories and songs, movement and manipulatives.

As many of you know, CCDS - like most independent schools - cannot fully cover its operating budget with tuition alone.  To that end, the Annual Fund is one of our most important fundraising initiatives, and every year without fail the generosity of our community has ensured that we can bridge the roughly 20% gap between tuition income and expenses.

This year we have some very exciting news to announce: One of our families has made an extraordinarily generous offer. If we can reach $200,000 in donations, this family will match that amount. For example, if we meet the $200,000 target, their additional contribution would boost our total to $400,000. Needless to say, this is an amazing opportunity to multiply our collective contribution in a significant way.

My wife and two children and I have been lucky enough to be part of this wonderful community for five years now. Our daughter is in the Fives, while our son graduated three years ago and has now moved on to bigger – but I won’t say better – things. Because as we all know, you won’t find better than CCDS. Our amazing faculty are second to none and watching them tirelessly and patiently nurture our children every day is a joy to behold. Having this much fun and learning shouldn’t be possible, but it is at CCDS.

All Annual Fund donations that are received by mid-January will be listed in the Auction Journal so that we can join together at our auction gala in recognition of your generosity. Gifts of all sizes are welcome, as are gifts of securities and employer-matched contributions. At CCDS we have a proud track record of almost 100% participation every year. Our goal this year is to extend that streak. Please make your donation here: CCDS Annual Fund where our Donor Tiers are listed for your reference.

Please join me in supporting this year’s Annual Fund and I thank you in advance for your generosity. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at . I’m looking forward to sharing another extraordinary year at CCDS with you and your amazing children.


Rocky Cahan
Annual Fund Chair

Benefactor: $12,500 or more
Sponsor: $10,000
Patron: $5,000
Contributor: $2,500
Friends: under $2,500