Outreach Program

The mission of the CCDS Outreach Program is to establish mutually rewarding connections with a global community of teachers and children through sharing ideas, experiences and resources.

Christ Church Day School established its Outreach Program in 2007. Our program began with the concept that the talented teachers of CCDS could share their time and skills with communities of underserved children in New York City and around the globe.

Since its inception, faculty members have worked with schools, hospitals, orphanages and foster homes in Russia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Romania, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Cambodia, and South Africa. We have been able to use our knowledge and skills as educators to help improve the lives of children in these underfunded environments.

Through ongoing global exchanges, fundraising efforts and faculty volunteer experiences, the Outreach Program hopes to model caring behavior for our students and foster a burgeoning sense of global citizenry and responsibility.