Facilities & Special Programs

Fabulous Facilities for a Small NYC Preschool

Situated on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Christ Church Day School’s facility is located at 524 Park Avenue at 60th Street. As one of the top private preschools in Manhattan and New York City, we offer well-designed classrooms, a large outdoor playground, a serene and well-stocked library and more!



Our school currently serves up to 80 children and their families in a warm and dynamic non-sectarian school environment on the 6th floor of Christ Church. All this takes place in a physical space that is carefully designed and maintained. We understand that the use of classroom space and the overall feeling of light, sound and color have an impact on a child’s ability to learn. We are proud of our efforts to continually upgrade and create a responsive physical environment.


Rooftop Playground

New York City children crave the freedom of outdoor play. It is as essential to their growing bodies, connections to friends and the pursuit of imaginative play as any other part of a comprehensive early childhood program. Our spacious outdoor play space is one of the largest in Manhattan and is where many children will learn how to create games and play cooperatively. This is the place where they will master climbing to the top of a ladder and experience the joy of sliding down the curvy slide. Pride in moments of accomplishment and mastery of new skills become the foundation for future achievements.



A wonderful school library conjures up many things in all of us; quiet moments, reflection and reading. It is a resource that nurtures children and teachers alike. For very young children, it is a place where imagination, understanding and affirmation can grow through good books that are read out loud. When our librarian reads the classic book by Marie Hall Ets, Will I Have a Friend? to a group of three-year-olds who are starting school for the first time, something transformative happens. They are often relieved to hear that they are not alone with their unarticulated thoughts or anxieties. A library is essential to a complete early childhood program.


Movement Program

Movement classes are fun, safe, structured group times that take place in our well-equipped movement room. Children participate in a wide variety of activities that support the refinement of their naturally emerging motor skills. The classes take place in small groups, and consist of various activities including body awareness games, movement through space, fitness, gymnastic and yoga skill practice, creative movement, stories, and games. Through these activities we help children to learn about themselves. Not only do they improve the skills that will help them in later movement-based activities, but they help develop the very important ability to self-regulate. Children gain body knowledge, self-control and movement skills, along with authentic self-esteem, in the context of tremendous fun!


Music Program

Our music curriculum is Dalcroze-influenced; singing and movement activities are at its base. During each session, we sing songs with and without words, do rhythmic chants, dance and play singing games. We play pitched and non-pitched rhythm instruments and echo tonal and rhythmic patterns. Some of the songs we sing are the old standbys that our grandparents sang, and others are more unusual! We take the songs we know and change them in unexpected and fun ways. We work with language and patterns through the medium of music. We practice modulation of volume and tempo, and engage in active listening. As the children move through their years here, our approach to the elements of music becomes more refined and explicit. One goal is to help each child take his or her next step toward musical skill, but joy and engagement in the musical experience is our highest priority.