Twos Program:

Children as Physical and Emotional Beings

The wonder of school starts in the two-year-old classes. We believe that children’s experiences are directly related to how they emotionally and physically perceive their surroundings. A child who feels safe and understood will be able to take in the full array of first learning experiences. The classroom is staffed with three teachers who are experts in the delightful uniqueness of two-year-olds.

  • Young 2s: Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 2 ½ hours; 2020-21 Tuition – $14,200
  • Older 2s: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for 2 ½ hours; 2020-21 Tuition – $17,255
  • Up to 3 teachers and 12 children

Threes Program:

Children as Social Beings

How children see themselves in relation to others is of fundamental interest to us. We pride ourselves on an awareness of individual and group needs and the complexities of what this means in both a developmental and social context. Teachers of three-year-olds are experts in helping children navigate the complex social relationships of this age.

  • Up to 3 teachers and 15 children
  • Monday through Friday mornings for 3 hours; 2020-21 Tuition – $28,380
  • Optional Extended Day Program – Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for three hours; 2020-21 Tuition – $7,200

Fours and Fives Programs:

Growing toward Independent Learning

Learning is a two-way process in which teachers present ideas and materials to children, who then bring their own prior knowledge, current abilities and interests to the learning environment. The children make collective decisions on a wide range of topics to study. Past topics have included the human brain, space, ocean life and New York City buildings. Teachers incorporate developmentally-based math, literacy, art, writing, science and social study skills within these topics to prepare children for their next learning experiences in kindergarten programs in New York City private and public schools.

  • Up to 3 teachers and 20 children
  • Young 4s: Monday through Friday mornings for three hours; Tuition for 2020-21 – $28,380
  • Optional Extended Day Program for Young 4s – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons for three hours; 2020-21 Tuition – $9,905
  • Older 4s and 5s: Monday and Friday mornings for three hours; Full day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (six hours); Tuition for 2020-21 – $38,285